How Can I Be A Writer

Professional articles written for Missouri Autism Report should be tailored to the autism community. Subject matter that is for the wider disability audience, should be written with an autism-specific focus. Parents and caregivers of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are dealing with very specific issues which need to be handled with compassion and understanding. Personal experience with ASD is a must.

Audience of the Missouri Autism Report consists of parents, practitioners, caregivers educators, and varied state, local and private disabilities organizations. That being said, our focus is to provide information, support and direction for the parents/caregivers and to connect them to needed activities and resources. Writers need to be aware of our audience at large, and be able to focus-in on the needs of our readership. Those with expertise in the autism field are encouraged to query or submit their manuscripts for consideration.

Word Count: Feature articles should be between 500-650 words, with photos, if available. Articles need to be precise, written in third person and written without bias.

Type II articles: Editorials, letters to the editor and book reports or recipes should be written in first person, and should not exceed 150-200 words without verbal permission from the editor.

Submission Deadline: Articles, events and other submissions should be received by the 5th day of the month, prior to publication (i.e.: December 5 for January publication). Please note our present publication schedule is as follows: December publication for January/Feb issue, February publication for March/April issue, April publication for May/June issue, June publication for July/August issue, August publication for September/October issue and October publication for November/December issue.

Please mark submissions with contact information and include a brief bio. We also like to have a “mug shot” of the author to run with the article.

Pay: At this time, the Missouri Autism Report is unable to pay for submissions, but will include a bi-line and photo of writer if appropriate.

Email query preferred for submissions. Type II articles may be submitted in entirety. Please send submissions to

Suggested Article Topics for Submission

  • Updates of current legislation which affects those with ASD
  • Local, state and national testing, diagnostic developments and scientific findings concerning autism cures, therapies, etc.
  • “How-to” or “what’s happening” articles dealing with subjects such as IEPs, choosing a doctor, everyday challenges, or noteworthy organizations.
  • Editorials on current ASD issues. Please keep it positive and if you have a complaint, please suggest a positive solution.
  • Book reports which may be helpful to our readers.
  • Reports on events you may have attended recently; need to include helpful tips.
  • Personal experience articles from parents/caregivers; must include helpful tips.
  • Simple gluten-free, dairy-free, (DAN) recipes.